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It’s Me! —Demands Attention

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Los Angeles, California (December 2004)—From the author / publisher of the Los Angeles Times Children’s Bestseller, Leo the Lightning Bug, comes Kidwick Books’ much anticipated new release It’s Me! (ISBN 0-9703809-2-5/ Hardcover Picture Book/ Ages 3-7, $18.95; Publication Date: December 1, 2004).

Accompanied by Kidwick Books’ companion “Book-on-CD” and cheery, colorful illustrations, It’s Me! highlights the bubbly Patricia as she enjoys delighting her father, mother, uncle, brother, and rascally dog Oscar with her many costumes and imaginative personalities. Patricia’s light-hearted and loveable game of dress-up spins into a terrific discovery as she recognizes the most important role she will ever play—herself!

Reminiscent of youthful flights of fancy this easy-to-identify-with slice of life story is sure to support children in fostering a playful imagination.  It’s Me!is a perfect read as children explore what it means to take on different roles, stretch their imaginations, and, like Patricia, find joy in just being themselves.

Following Kidwick’s “Book on CD” recipe, It’s Me! features enchanting, dramatic performances from kids and adults, lush sound effects, and audible page turns to encourage new readers to follow along. The art of reading becomes an educational multimedia experience as children and parents alike are whisked into Patricia’s life as a regal princess, crooked-nosed witch, caring mommy and finally, as the imaginative young girl she really is.

With an M.F.A. in Acting and a B.A. in Psychology, author Eric Drachman, like his character Patricia, knows the joys and importance of a playful imagination.  It was Eric’s desire to entertain his nieces and nephews that inspired his first rudimentary books-on-tape. The success of these tapes to entertain a whole variety of kids (and parents) led Eric to write and produce his first children’s book, Leo the Lightning Bug (2002).  Leo’s success has propelled Eric deeper into the world of children’s book publishing with his new - and equally encouraging releases - It’s Me! and Ellison the Elephant.

Illustrator Isabelle Decenière, uses her background in decorative painting, her studies from l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Valence, and her own bubbly playfulness to create Patricia’s charming wide-eyed expressions. Filled with unique perspectives rendered with gouache paint on matte board, readers are able to view the world from Patricia’s point of view - physically and emotionally.

Leo the Lightning Bug received recognition in the following areas: #2 on The Los Angeles Times Children’s Bestsellers List, the 2003 Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Children’s Book and Audiobook, a Book Sense 76 Children’s Pick (Fall 2002), and a ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award.

The goal of Kidwick Books is to create children’s picture books and audio CDs with respect and admiration for our little readers.