Ellison the Elephant
Ellison the Elephant


Contact: Marissa Del Fierro

Ellison the Elephant Trumpets His Arrival

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Los Angeles, California (December 2004)— From the author and illustrator of the Los Angeles Times Children’s Bestseller, Leo the Lightning Bug, comes Kidwick Books’ newest title Ellison the Elephant (ISBN: 0-9703809-1-7/ Hardcover Picture Book/ Ages 3-7, $18.95; Publication Date: December 1, 2004)  showing readers what it means to break away from being ordinary to become extraordinary!

Complete with Kidwick Books’ signature “Book-on-CD” and heartwarming soft-colored illustrations, Ellison the Elephant follows the story of a self-conscious little pachyderm who just wants to be like everyone else.  His failed attempts to make the normal trumpet blast incite teasing from his peers, but his mother explains, “The greatest elephants in history were unusual—that’s what made them great!”  Through this motherly encouragement, the help of his imaginary friend Weasel, practice, determination, and some soul searching, Ellison finds his very own voice which turns out to be a jazzy trumpet sound.  Animals come from far and near to hear the music of the “unusual elephant with the extraordinary sound.”

Incorporating Kidwick’s “Book-on-CD” format, Ellison the Elephant becomes an engaging theatrical experience, with dramatic readings from adults and kids, realistic animal sound effects, original jazz music, and audible page turns (to encourage young readers to follow along.)  The art of reading becomes an educational multi-media experience as readers enjoy the celebratory sounds of Ellison’s “jazz trunk.”  Ellison the Elephant inspires readers to “find their own voice”, even if it’s unusual.  After all, some of the greatest people in history were unusual!

Author Eric Drachman, has an M.F.A. in Acting, a B.A. in Psychology, and a minor in making kids laugh. In fact, it was Eric’s desire to entertain his nieces and nephews that inspired his first homemade books-on-tape. The success of these tapes to entertain a whole variety of kids (and parents) led Eric to write and produce his first children’s book, Leo the Lightning Bug (2002). Leo’s success has propelled Eric deeper into the world of children’s book publishing with his two new releases Ellison the Elephant and It’s Me!.

James Muscarello, illustrator of Ellison the Elephant, first paired with Drachman for Kidwick Books’ start-up title Leo the Lightning Bug. His passion for character animation, sculpting, toy design, illustration, and his general love of art, is apparent through his majestic full-spread scenes incorporated throughout Ellison the Elephant.

Leo the Lightning Bug received recognition in the following areas: #2 on The Los Angeles Times Children’s Bestsellers List, the 2003 Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Children’s Book and Audiobook, a Book Sense 76 Children’s Pick (Fall 2002), and a 2003 ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award.

The goal of Kidwick Books is to create children’s picture books with audio CDs with respect and admiration for our little readers.