Our Dial-up Demo has been retired...what with all those smartphones around, you can hear audio samples right here on our website! But back in the day, folks seemed to like it. Here are some things they wrote...

“Kidwick’s new ‘Dial-Up Demo’ idea is both clever and convenient, for browsers AND for booksellers. With no more work than putting up a shelftalker we’re able to offer our customers the opportunity to try before they buy and provide them a great listening experience too. I wish all promotions were this easy to implement and this likely to generate sales!”
Alison Morris
Children’s Book Buyer, Wellesley Booksmith

“Thank you Kidwick Books for coming up with an accessible, fun way to hand sell a book when our bookseller's hands are full! Besides, when we are asked for a CD sample it’s there, right inside their cell phone. No searching on our part. Perfect!”
Valerie Lewis
Co-founder, Hicklebee’s
“It’s fun! It’s easy! It’s free! Use your cell phone to hear an audiobook sample. How clever. Good for Kidwick Books.”
JoAnn Fruchtman
Owner, The Children’s Bookstore

“Once again, Kidwick books is in the forefront when it comes to innovation with children’s picture books. First it was the exciting, well-produced audio CDs included with their books. Now, they have come up with an easy way to access the audio on the CDs with just a quick phone call. What an ingenious way to showcase their talents! I can’t wait to see (and hear) what they come up with next.”
Angela Kroner
Youth Events Coordinator, Kepler’s Books and Magazines

“Kidwick Books’ ‘Dial-up Demo’ is such a novel idea. Once a customer hears a clip of the story, whether immediately on their cell phone or later at home after surreptitiously copying the phone number down, they will be sold. Having the actual voice of the story in your head makes it that much more unforgettable.”
Judy Hobbs
Children’s Buyer, Third Place Books

“Fast, easy and fun, Kidwick’s ‘Dial-Up Demo’ for their audio books provides a tempting taste of delicious selections from their library of titles. Warning: listening to these samples will whet your appetite for the full stories and audio books can become additive.”
Kris Vreeland
Children’s Department Manager/Buyer, Vroman’s

“Kidwick Books’ innovative ‘Dial-Up Demo’ is a terrific way to encourage bookstore customers to preview the audiobook CDs that accompany their fine picture books -- right there in the bookstore! A quick cell phone call to a toll-free number, and customers can hear as well as see the books they are interested in purchasing.”
Susan E. Walker
Executive Director, Midwest Booksellers Association (MBA)

“What a great way to showcase audio! Low tech and innovative, Kidwick Books’ new free audiobook samples will appeal and is a great way to hear award-winning pieces.”
Wanda Jewell
Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA)

“I love how Kidwick is thinking. One quick cell phone call gets you a nice vocal preview, making it all the more likely that the bookstore will make the sale.”
Hut Landon
Northern California Independent Booksellers Association (NCIBA)

“Bravo to Kidwick—they’re really making the audio medium work for them! The innovative ‘Dial-Up Demo’ shelf talker pioneers sound sampling via cell phones.”
Robin Whitten
Editor, AudioFile Magazine

“Kidwick Books has once again created an innovative and exciting way to market their books. The new ‘Dial-up Demo’ from Kidwick Books is a tremendous and creative tool to connect with their buyers. It can ‘hand sell’ a book by cellphone!”
Neil Levin
Senior Vice President, National Book Network