Cast - Bad Rats

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Ben DrachmanEli Drachman (Josiah) is six years old, and like Josiah, adores painting the world around him. He had a great time recording this story with his Uncle Eric. He's thinking about combining his microphone technique with his love of baseball to become an enthusiastic sports commentator when he grows up.

Eric DrachmanEric Drachman (Narrator, Perimeter) Eric’s vocal training and good use of editing software allowed him to lower the pitch of his voice just enough to give Professor Perimeter the proper amount of weight and scariness. For his full bio, click here. For interviews with Eric, click here.

Katharine Gibson DayanDalia Piatigorsky-Roth (Priscilla) follows in her sister Sivan’s footsteps (Patricia in It’s Me!) in joining the stable of Kidwick actors. Her professionalism, not mention her extraordinary cuteness made the “work” of audio recording a real pleasure. Outside of her voiceover career, Dalia is a full time student and likes to play with her brother, sister, and puppy, “Thunder.”

Roxanne MorgansternRoxanne Morganstern
(Priscilla Singing) knew she could sing by the time she was six years old, but was too shy to let anyone know it! By the time she was 18, she could no longer hold in the sound that longed to come through her and, lucky for us, she has been singing ever since. She has performed in countless prestigious venues around the country, on movie soundtracks and music albums and is always looking for the next creative and inspiring project.