Cast - Ellison the Elephant

(Mouse over the pictures to see and hear our actors in costume!)

Ben DrachmanBenjamin Drachman (Ellison) Avid baseball fan and a voracious reader, Benjamin has no qualms about being silly on cue. Read the article Benjamin wrote for his school newsletter about his work on Ellison the Elephant, entitled "When I was an Elephant."

Eli DrachmanEli Drachman (Eli) Eli started his voiceover career with Ellison the Elephant at the young age of 3! He just completed his first year of preschool and expects to complete his education in the next 18 to 22 years.

Eric DrachmanEric Drachman (Narrator, Weasel) Eric’s Masters in Acting gave him the tools to delve into some of the complexities involved in playing a weasel in this story! Also, he loves making silly noises. For his full bio, click here. For interviews with Eric, click here.

Julia DrachmanJulia Drachman (Eleanor) Julia loves art and dramatic performance and has participated in several Seattle children's productions. Her wonderful performance as Eleanor in this story barely scratched the surface of her talent.

Rebecca DrachmanRebecca Drachman (Edna) Although usually a blur of activity, Rebecca slowed down long enough to portray a young and curious elephant in Ellison the Elephant.

Paula Lozano-DrachmanPaula Lozano-Drachman (Ellison’s Mom) Paula is a pediatrician, researcher, and on occasion a soccer coach as well as the warm voice of Ellison’s Mom.

Bryon “BTrain” HolleyBryon “BTrain” Holley (Ellison’s jazz trunk) Bryon is a natural born drummer, percussionist and vocal artist. His love of music has paved the way to a successful career as a professional drummer and vocalist. Bryon created the musical voice of Ellison — one of the animals under Giovanna’s skillful direction. For more info about ‘BTrain’, visit his website,