Cast - It’s Me!

(Mouse over the pictures to see and hear our actors in costume!)

Ben DrachmanBenjamin Drachman (Danny) Avid baseball fan and a voracious reader, Benjamin has no qualms about being silly on cue. Read the article Benjamin wrote for his school newsletter about his work on Ellison the Elephant, entitled "When I was an Elephant."

Eric DrachmanEric Drachman (Narrator, Oscar) Eric's Masters in Acting gave him the tools to delve into some of the complexities involved in barking like a dog for this story! Also, he loves making silly noises. For his full bio, click here. For interviews with Eric, click here.

Jonathan DrachmanJonathan Drachman (Uncle Bill) Jonathan is a physician/scientist, who tried something new for this recording—taking direction from his little brother, Eric.

Anton PiatigorskyAnton Piatigorsky (Dad) Playing "Dad" to his daughter, Sivan, was not a stretch for Anton. Anton is an award-winning playwright and makes his home in Toronto, Canada.

Sivan Piatigorsky-RothSivan Piatigorsky-Roth (Patricia) Sivan loves piano, reading, and Tae-Kwon-Do. Lucky for her family, she never confuses them with each other. The part of "Patricia" was written with Sivan in mind. During recording, it was on Sivan's insistence that the scary witch threatens to turn Uncle Bill into a "doggie" rather than a "dog."

Ava Roth Ava Roth (Mom) Ava is just as playful and encouraging with her real-life daughters as her character is with Patricia. In addition to being a Mom, she is quickly emerging as a very talented painter.